With the Blessing of Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco & Western America


16 unforgettable days, from April 26—May 12, 2017, walking on the land where our Saviour, His Mother, the Apostles and Myrrhbearing Women walked. Our pilgrimage will take place during the joyous time of Pascha, arriving in Jerusalem in anticipation of the Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women
The Days of Pascha With the Resurrected Christ!

We invite you to take part in a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The heart of our trip will be the Divine Liturgy – at the Tombs of Christ and the Theotokos, in Bethlehem and the monasteries of the Holy Land. It is anticipated that not only people from California will take part in this trip, but other states, Europe, Russia, Canada and Belarus. The group leader is the Dean of Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, Archpriest Peter Perekrestov, and the guide – a nun of the Gethsemane Convent. The pilgrimage will be conducted bilingually, in Russian and English. Besides visiting the holy sites, participants will have the opportunity to meet Orthodox people from different places and countries. As well, the participants will be united by their love for St. John, the Wonderworker of Shanghai & San Francisco, by a deep spiritual connection with him and this will even more so assure that the pilgrimage will be in a true and genuine church spirit. Space is limited, since we want to avoid a very large group and assure that we have a warm, spiritual and family like atmosphere.
"For Christians Jerusalem became an even holier place after it was sanctified by the feet, and later by the blood of our Divine Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ" — St. John (Maximovich)
Two weeks were spent in places whose names I used to only pronounce with awe: Nazareth, Bethlehem, Zion, Mount of Olives, Galilee, Capernaum, Cana of Galilee. I never dreamed that one day I would be able to see all these places with my own two eyes. Our group of pilgrims turned to be surprisingly wonderful. We had a surprising sense of group solidarity — the Gospel readings which we heard at every holy place and every town we visited miraculously united us all: we read the Gospel at every holy place.
Nun Juliania (Denisova), 2009
Tears flow at each remembrance of what we saw and felt in the Holy Land. We are extremely grateful to all those pilgrims who were with us, who supported and encouraged us, who helped us and who simply spoke to us. They became very dear to us. We remember you and the group very often, and this is understandable. You will remain in our hearts, as will all the memories of the Holy Land.
Pilgrims from the 2009 trip

When we walk in the Holy Land, we follow the path
of the Theotokos

The protectress of pilgrims is the Mother of God Herself. Following the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Theotokos liked to revisit the places where the Gospel events took place, to stay and pray there. Holy Tradition tells us that when She lived in Jerusalem, She would make daily visits to the Tomb of Christ, the Calvary and the Mt. of Olives, — the place where the Lord appeared to His Apostles after His resurrection and from where He ascended into heaven.

The Details
The price – including airport transfers, accommodations at the Mt. of Olives Hotel in Jerusalem (2-3 people per room), all meals, transportation in Israel, accomodations in Galilee and donations/gratuities to the convents, monasteries, Ecclesiastical Mission, Jerusalem Patriarchate, hotel personnel and drivers – is $1,750.00 US plus actual cost of airfare (for those traveling with the group from San Francisco).
If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail: jerusalem.hadji@gmail.com or by telephone:
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